Camper Conditions of Admission

We, the parents or guardians, hereby register the camper, whose name appears on this Registration, in Sunset Lake Camp (SSLC). In doing so, we acknowledge that we have read and that we agree to each of the following conditions of admission and have reviewed them with our child:

  1. Tuition and Refund Policy. Every camper’s tuition must be paid in full no later than the day the camp session begins. The tuition is refundable, less a $50 processing and cancellation fee, if, and only if, the camper’s enrollment is canceled not later than one week before camp session begins. SSLC has found that it is difficult, expensive, and disruptive to the preparations for opening camp to attempt to fill camp vacancies which occur after the end of the recruitment period. Accordingly, it is SSLC’s policy, to which you expressly consent by submitting the Registration Form that the camp will not make any tuition refunds in connection with cancellations received by SSLC within one week of the beginning of camp session. SSLC makes an exception to that policy for campers who suffer from a death in the family or a physical illness or injury and whose attending pediatrician certifies to the camp, in writing, that the illness or injury is of a nature that the camper cannot safely participate in any offered camp session. If the event of such an illness or injury occurs within 48 hours of the camper’s stay, SSLC will refund 50% of the camper’s tuition less a cancellation fee of
    $50. No refunds are available after 48 hours of a child’s registration at camp on Sunday. Homesickness and dismissal from camp are not accepted as a basis
    for refund.
  2. Health
    1. In the event of a medical or surgical emergency, we, the camper’s parents/guardians, hereby give permission to any physician, selected by the Camp Directors, to secure, at our expense, proper treatment, including hospitalization if necessary, for the camper named below. We understand that SSLC will make all reasonable efforts to contact us should an emergency arise. To accommodate this effort, we will keep the Camp Directors advised should we be away from our normal residence or place of employment for any extended period of time during the camp session.
    2. We understand that we will receive health forms through the on-line confirmation process, and that they must be filled out and received by SSLC prior to the camper’s arrival at camp.
    3. We understand that SSLC will make every effort to provide appropriate meals for its campers, but may be unable to meet all special dietary needs. SSLC reserves the right to decline applications of campers whose special dietary requirements cannot be sufficiently met.
  3. Waivers of Liability
    1. We agree that SSLC is not responsible for the loss or damage to the camper’s personal belongings by fire, theft, laundry, etc. We understand that SSLC recommends against campers bringing along expensive items including: clothing, watches, cameras, jewelry, or the like.
    2. We understand and acknowledge that certain camp activities (whether or not listed in the camp brochure), including but not limited to wakeboarding, challenge course, BMX, and the like, have an increased risk of injury associated with them. We hereby release, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless, SSLC and all its directors, employees, agents and representatives whatsoever from any and all losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including attorney’s fees) which they or any of them, or camper may sustain or incur in any way arising out of or in connection with camper’s participation in any and all camp activities.
  4. General Matters
    1. We agree that the camper and his/her parents, guardians and relatives will abide by the rules and regulations set by the camp for the health, safety, and welfare of the camper. We understand that the camper will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct agreeing to kind and reasonable behavior toward others at camp.
    2. We understand that the camp encourages frequent letter writing, and that due to the camp’s limited telephone service, phone calls to campers are allowed only in emergencies.
    3. We agree that the camp reserves the right to cancel, change, or substitute programs or activities as listed in its brochure and video, when necessary during the summer sessions.
    4. We consent to the use of any pictures of the camper in connection with the camp’s future advertising or promotion.
    5. We understand that the camper is not to bring skateboards, bicycles, wheeled recreational equipment, IPODs, gameboys or any kind of electronic games, computers, CD or DVD players, radios, cell phones, jewelry of any kind, pets, knives, guns, ammunition, fireworks, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or cultic items such as tarot cards and Ougi boards; and that any item listed will be held as contraband until the camper is picked up by parent or guardian at end of the session.
  5. Dismissal from Camp. We understand that the camp reserves the right to dismiss a camper whose conduct is dangerous, illegal, or, in the discretion of the Camp Directors, detrimental to the camp and/or to other campers or otherwise unsatisfactory; including, but not limited to the following:
    1. Possession, use or involvement of any kind with tobacco, drugs or alcoholic beverages.
    2. Abusive or disrespectful behavior toward any member of the camp community.
    3. Unauthorized absence from cabin or activity.
    4. Possession of any type of weapon or fire-producing device.
    5. Inappropriate clothing or language.
    6. We agree that there will be no refund in the event of dismissal.