Group Activities

While visiting camp, there are many opportunities to enjoy nature and spend time with friends and family. Whether your group is looking for a relaxing paddle, a heart-pumping zip-line ride, or a trek through the wilderness – Sunset Lake Camp is a wonderful place to experience the great outdoors. Speak to Christine, our Reservations Manager, to arrange activities for your group during your stay.

Sit back and enjoy the tranquil nature of Sunset Lake. While paddling, you may get a glimpse of ducks, geese, or the bald eagle that often perches on the north side of our lake. Groups are invited to use canoes free of charge! In the case of a minor (anyone under 18) paddling without a parent in the canoe, please arrange for lifeguarding.

Whether you are looking to cool off in early June or plan a Polar Plunge in February, Sunset Lake is a great place for your group to enjoy the water. Take advantage of the giant slide located on our waterfront to make this swimming experience one-of-a-kind. Be sure to book far in advance so we can arrange for qualified lifeguards to keep your group safe while in the water.

IMG_0941Zip Line
The zip line is a fun and exciting activity for the whole family. Our zip line runs approximately 540 feet through the forest. It is great for first timers as well as those seeking thrills! Pricing is $15 per participant.

Rock Wall Tower
The rock wall tower will provide a unique challenge for your group. The participant can customize their climb based their experience and skills. At 36 feet, the tower is centrally located in the challenge course and gives a bird’s eye view of the area from the top.rock wall

  • Each period is 90 minutes long
  • Each period can hold 12 participants
  • Pants or knee-length shorts and close-toed, full-coverage shoes are required
  • $15 per participant
  • All participants must be 4 years or older.

Team Building
This experience can help create a stronger sense of community, purpose, and problem solving within your team. We strive to challenge individuals to step out of their comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment to achieve the impossible. Participants will be guided in debriefing their experiences and applying it to their life. This can be an incredible experience for classrooms, youth groups, and corporate groups. Pricing is $15 per participant.