Worthy Camper Fund

excited camperAt Sunset Lake we believe that no child should be turned away due to financial need. Our Worthy Camper Scholarship Fund is available to families facing financial stress. Our assistance program offers children the opportunity to attend Sunset Lake Camp that otherwise would not be able due to of lack of funds. We greatly appreciate those who make this fund possible through their generous donations. The fund is targeted to those who have an individual request, but is not limited to one per family.

Application Process

Please review the scholarship guidelines below to determine whether your camper is eligible for the Worthy Camper Scholarship Fund. If the camper is eligible, click: to sign up for the scholarship session.

Scholarship Guidelines

Eligibility for Scholarship

1. Evidence of lack of funds: An online reference form will be sent to your child’s pastor, teacher or an adult (non family member) that knows your child.

2. Deadlines: Applications are due by June 15th, any application received after that is considered late and may or may not be honored. Scholarships are on a first come, first served basis, so please apply as soon as possible. Scholarships will be granted in advance and never on the day that camp starts.

3. We encourage you to partner with your local church for tuition assistance. The more you can put towards your child’s tuition, the more scholarships we can offer.

Types of ScholarshipsIMG_1628

Sunset Lake Camp bases its decision to grant a partial or a full scholarship based on need. Other factors may be involved, therefore, each request is considered individually. The minimum amount of money to be paid by the camper will be $200. The amount of assistance given for each camp is based on a Base Camp tuition. If a camper wishes to attend a Specialty camp they will be responsible for the additional cost.


1. The Worthy Camper Fund is issued for only one week of camp per person, any additional weeks will be at full cost.

2. Camper scholarship funds may be awarded to an individual for a maximum of two consecutive years. Campers who have received the scholarship for two years, and would still like to apply for a scholarship will be reviewed for scholarship only on an “as funds are available status.” This ensures as many campers as possible the opportunity of attending Sunset Lake Camp.

Helpful tips

– We encourage scholarship applicants to register for camp as soon as possible.

– When registering for camp, please be prepared to submit the required $50 registration fee. If for some reason your scholarship application is not accepted, this fee is refundable.

– Parents/guardians will be notified of acceptance once all applications have been received and reviewed in June. Please do not bring your child to registration unless you have received notification of scholarship acceptance or are prepared to pay tuition in full.

-Applications will be approved as funds are available. Please understand that scholarship funds are limited, therefore scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis. Because of limited funding, we ask that all families contribute as much as they can to their child’s camp tuition. This will enable more children to experience a potentially life changing week of camp!

Sunset Lake Camp reserves the right to forfeit a scholarship for the following reasons:

1. Misrepresentation – A parent/guardian who intentionally misrepresents conditions or circumstances claiming a financial need, and Sunset Lake Camp becomes aware that a need does not, in fact, exist.

2. No response – A parent/guardian is required to register their camper within 10 days of being notified that they were granted a scholarship. It’s preferred that campers are registered immediately for camp instead of waiting for scholarship approval. If registration has not occurred within the required time frame, the scholarship will be awarded to another eligible camper.