Summer Camp

IMG_1886We’re excited for our 2018 season to begin! Registration will open later this year, so stay tuned for it’s opening in upcoming months.

Each year we offer several types of camp experiences to choose from. Base camps offer a camper the true Sunset Lake experience with classes in the morning and afternoons full of fun activities with their cabin. Each night campers and staff come together to enjoy a play written by director David Yeagley, performed by our very own staff.

Ready to come to camp? Registration is from 3-5pm and pick-up the following Sunday starts at 8:15am in the gym (unless you’re a Festival of the Arts camper). We’ll see you then!

Can’t find something? Call or email us and we will contact you as soon as we can.  We are honored that you entrust us with your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and more; so if there’s anything you are curious about, just let us know!

Daily Schedule

Want to know what happens during a Base Camp? Check out this example of a camper’s daily schedule.

6:45 Good morning!
7:50 Flag raising
8:00 Breakfast: Pancakes with all the fixings, fresh fruit and OJ.
9:00 Morning worship
9:40 Morning class: Wakeboarding in Aquatics Class.
12:20 Mail call: Today may be the day you get a package or letter from home!
12:30 Lunch: Pizza, fresh salad and homemade berry juice.
1:30 Cabin time: A great time to journal and relax.
2:30 Activity 1: A trip to the camp store!
3:35 Activity 2: Shooting arrows at the archery range.
4:40 Activity 3: A trail ride in the woods near the horse barn.
5:55 Line call
6:00 Supper: Spaghetti & “meatballs”, veggies, and brownies for desert! Note: Vegan and gluten-free options are always available!
7:15 Recreation: Tonight’s game is Capture the Flag!
8:00 Flag lowering: Cabin Maple’s turn to lower the flag.
8:15 Campfire program: Watch an installment of the evening play enacted by Sunset Lake staff!
9:15 Sunset Circles
9:30 Cabin worship
10:00 Time to get some rest before we do it all again tomorrow!

Click Here for the Camper Code of Conduct

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