Specialty Camps

Whether this is your first time at Sunset Lake, or you are a camp veteran, there’s a specialty camp for you! Specialty camps are designed to tailor a camper’s experience to an activity that they love.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Be sure to sign up early – our specialty camps fill up fast!

2018 Camp Session Schedule:

Camp Ages Dates
Adventure Horsemanship 8-9 6/24-7/1 register
Junior Horsemanship 10-11 7/1-7/8 register
STEM: Lego Robotics 10-11 7/1-7/8 register
Junior Plus! Horsemanship 9-11 7/8-7/15 register
STEM: Engineering 9-11 7/8-7/15 register
Junior Plus Gymnastics Camp 9-11 7/8-7/15 register
Tween Aquatics 12-13 7/15-7/22 register
STEM: Lego Robotics 12-13 7/15-7/22 register
Tween Horsemanship 12-13 7/15-7/22 register
STEM: Computer Programming 11-13 7/22-7/29 register
Tween Plus! Horsemanship 11-13 7/22-7/29 register
Tween Plus! Gymnastics Specialty Camp 11-13 7/22-7/29 register
Teen Rock Climbing 14-17 7/29-8/5 register
STEM: Science Camp 14-17 7/29-8/5 register
Teen Horsemanship 14-17 7/29-8/5 register
Teen Lifeguarding 15-17 7/29-8/5 register
Basketball Specialty Camp 14-17 7/29-8/5 register


Festival Week

Festival of the Arts Camps 12-17 8/5-8/11 register
Aquatics Festival 12-17 8/5-8/11 register
Festival of Outdoor Leadership 12-17 8/5-8/11 register
STEM Aviation Festival 12-17 8/5-8/11 register
Back Country Horsemanship 12-17 8/5-8/11 register
Top Gear Festival 12-17 8/5-8/11 register

Costhorse riding
2018 Specialty Camp pricing is just $430 or $475 for Horsemanship camps. We understand the financial sacrifice that sending a child to camp can sometimes be. Check out our Scholarships Page to learn more about our Worthy Camper Scholarship and apply today!

What to Bring

engineering campBible, everyday play/activity wear, towel(s), rain gear, sweaters or warm jacket, long pants (required for some activities), appropriate footwear, camp church clothes, insect repellent, sunscreen, water bottle, disposable camera, flashlight, modest swimsuit, toothpaste/brush, shampoo, comb/brush, towels, washcloths, sleeping bag/pillow, medications (if applicable), store money (optional).

Because they are mandatory for certain activities, you are required to bring closed-toed shoes (tennis shoes, etc.), and long pants. Crocs, ballet flats, etc. will not be acceptable substitutes for those activities.

Here’s some additional items you’ll want to bring for each camp:

Close-toed shoes and long pants are a must! If you’ve got a pair of cowboy boots, they will come in handy. It can get warm up at the horse barn, so tank tops and sunscreen are always a good idea (please make sure tank tops are not low-cut and have wide straps).