Heaven In You

Enjoy this music video made by the students of Music Production Camp, a specialty camp offered during the Festival of the Arts week. Click Here to sign up for this year’s Music Production Camp!

Words and Music by: Werner Carrasco @2015


If I could tell the world one thing,
I would not tell it how to win,
And I wouldn’t tell it how to be a star
If I could shout for all to hear,
I wouldn’t shout they must succeed
That they try to be the strongest by far


I would tell of a Love with no bounds
I would talk of the greatest thing now


Hold up your umbrella and stop someone’s rain,
Take up the load and give someone rest
Be the Light and be the salt of the earth,
Love is not to keep it but to give it away
It’s such a waste to keep it yourself,
Let the world see Heaven in you


If I could teach the world today,
I would explain that Love’s the way,
I would tell them what Heaven’s all about
If I could show you what is good
I would point you to a friend in need
And your comfort will birth a grateful sound


You know the story, when the Kingdom comes
There will be those in the left and those in the right
Then Love Himself will say to those in the right

“Come and take the Kingdom given to you.  It’s now ready for you because when I was hungry, you fed me, when I was thirsty you gave me a drink.  When I was sick you took care of me, I was a stranger and you opened your home to me and when I was in jail you visited me”.

Of course, the people didn’t understand because they couldn’t remember ever doing those things to Him, so He said:

“Whenever you did it to the least significant ones, my brothers and sisters, you did it to me”

So the challenge is obvious:  to enter the Kingdom you must love to care for others.  The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of Love.  Only those who Love can be part of it.

Heaven must be in you!