From getting certified in our Horsemanship class to water skiing on Lake Tapps in our Aquatics class, experience some of the best classes at Sunset Lake. This incredible week is full of excitement and experiences that are not included throughout in other camps. Many classes include off-site adventures and advanced levels of learning. Speciality Classes include a $25 class fee due to the expanded class experience. For more info, please Connect with us. Head over to Camps if you are ready to register.  


Wild: Aquatics

Be prepared for a week of waterfront excitement! This specialty camp will spend at least two days at Lake Tapps where you can perfect your boarding skills and even get a taste of water skiing.

Arts: Social Media Content

This new class will teach the basics of social media and how to create content that is unique to you. For this speciality class, bring a smart phone and get ready to fill up the storage on your device.

Wild: Rock Climbing

The Northwest is full of amazing climbing terrain. Climb at camp and then head out on climbing trips. Learn techniques, rope management, site safety, and belaying. This is a top-roped class—lead climbing by instructors only.

Team: Gymnastics

Dive, roll, and tumble your way through an amazing week of camp. No matter your abilities, our experienced teachers will help you take your skills to the next level. End the week with gymnastic performance for the whole camp.

Stem: Advanced

Build, fly, and drive your way through the week. During this class we will experience the world of drones and remote control technology. Fuel your passion for advanced engineering.

Ride: Horsemanship

Our horsemanship classes have become a Sunset Lake specialty. Each year there is a new challenge as campers work through a new level of certification. Register early as these camps fill up fast.

Stem: Intro Engineering

Discover the amazing world of engineering with a week of hands on, fun projects. Build bridges, fire trebuchets, launch rockets, and much more while learning basics of engineering.

Stem: Lego Robotics

Young innovators will have the opportunity to practice imaginative thinking and teamwork while solving real world problems. Lego Robotics is the perfect mix of creativity, engineering, and computer programming.

Team: Basketball

With a full week on the court, our team of coaches will help you perfect your shot, dribbling, and game strategy. End the week with an epic camper vs. Sunset Lake staff game.

Stem: Computer Programming

Have you ever wanted to create your own video game? Dive into the basics of computer programming while creating your own basic computer game. This will be the start of an amazing adventure.