Summit Classes are exclusive to Summit Camp, which is our last week of the summer. Some classes may be advanced versions of other classes offered throughout the summer. This incredible week is full of excitement and experiences that are not included throughout in other camps. These classes include features like special guest presenters and off-site adventures. Summit Classes include a $25 class fee because of the expanded experience. For more info, please Connect with us. Head over to Camps if you are ready to register.


ARTS: Advanced Culinary

The real magic happen in the kitchen during this week of camp. Learn how create masterpieces that will amaze your friends and family. Our artist in residence will teach tips and techniques that will take your cooking to the next level.

RIDE: Horsemanship

Our horsemanship classes have become a Sunset Lake specialty. Each year there is a new challenge as campers work through a new level of certification. Register early as these camps fill up fast.

WILD: Rock Climbing

The Northwest is full of amazing climbing terrain. Climb at camp and then head out on climbing trips. Learn techniques, rope management, site safety, and belaying. This is a top-roped class and lead climbing is by trained instructors only.

ARTS: Creative Studio

Celebrate creativity and community. Draw, paint, mold, sculpt and express yourself. Learn technique and gain inspiration from our Artist in Residence.

STEM: Advanced Engineering

Build, fly, and drive your way through the week. During this class we will experience the world of drones and remote control technology. Fuel your passion for advanced engineering.

ARTS: Praise & Worship

If you sing, play guitar, keyboards or drums and want learn how to use your talent to lead others in worship, this week is for you. Our Artist in Residence will help you learn new songs, perfect yours skill, and give you opportunities to lead out in camp worships.

TEAM: Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics offers a chance to learn both coordination and balance. It involves the use of balls, ribbons, hula hoops, and flexibility to create an awesome routine for camp at the end of the week. In addition to tumbling, learn some ballet to create a dynamic mix for those who love to learn and grow.

ARTS: Social Media Content

This new class will teach the basics of social media and how to create content that is unique to you. For this speciality class, bring a smart phone and get ready to fill up the storage on your device.

KART: Top Gear Adventure

Ride our Polaris RZRs, and learn the basics of auto care. This class will feature offsite adventures. End the week with a night ride adventure and a camp out with your classmates.

WILD: Aquatics

Be prepared for a week of waterfront excitement! This specialty camp will spend at least two days at Lake Tapps where you can perfect your boarding skills and even get a taste of water skiing.

BIKE: Track & Trail

A Summit Camp exclusive, this class is for riders who want the opportunity to ride on more advanced terrain. End the week with an offsite biking adventure.

WILD: Marksmanship

This Summit class is on target! Learn the sport of archery and discover a world of marksmanship sports. Test your skills on our 3-D Slingshot course. Learn to throw tomahawks and end the week with an epic Nerf-gun showdown.

ARTS: Drama

Take to the stage and uncover your passion for theater. This class will be taught by an experienced drama coach and give you the opportunity to gain confidence and skill in drama. Cap off the week with a performance in front of family and friends.

WILD: PNW Survival

Learn survival and camping skills specifically for the Pacific Northwest from building shelters to basic first aid and fire building. This adventure Includes a campout in the forest so bring warm clothing and a warm sleeping bag.

ARTS: Visual Arts

Celebrate creativity and community. Draw, paint, mold, sculpt and express yourself. Learn technique and gain inspiration from our Artist in Residence.