Invest in Sunset Lake

We are excited for the future of Sunset Lake. As we continue to grow and extend our ministry throughout western Washington, we are laying plans for several significant development projects. If you have any questions about donating or would like to donate to a different area of Sunset Lake, please Connect with us.


Timber Lodge

The Timber Lodge has been here since the late 1800’s. It serves as a meeting room during retreat season and the art studio and culinary classes in the summer. The main building truss and several other support columns are rotting. This project will replace the support timbers that will be harvested and milled onsite. We will also add a wood fireplace, heating, light and remodel the kitchen. To complete this project we need to raise another $50,000.


Hillside Cabins

The Hillside Cabins are the last original cabins on the property. They are showing their age and need to be replaced with updated cabins that are designed specifically for large groups. Over the next several years we are excited to create a brand new village of 12 cabins overlooking the lake. Each cabin will sleep up to 8 people and have two private bathrooms, a living space and small kitchenette. Our goal is to build each cabin for around $100,000 including the site work.


Dining Hall

One of the final pieces of our Master Plan is the construction of a new dining hall that will seat up to 400 people. An initial concept was created by the Architecture Department at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Further work will be done to refine the design and create an affordable project that will be beneficial for years to come.