Sunset Lake’s Team

Get to know some of the friendly faces that you’ll see at Sunset Lake during summer camp and the rest of the retreat season.


David Yeagley — Executive Director

“Pastor Dave,” as he is affectionately called, is the face of camp. Hiring staff, recruiting campers, creating programs and dreaming big, he is constantly looking for what’s next. After 33 years of summer ministry at camps across the country he’s all but forgotten what summer vacation is.


Alberto Reyes — Camp Manager & Chef

Alberto can work magic. As a Le Cordon Bleu chef, he creates unforgettable meals with a wave of his hand. Now as camp manager he is bringing that same magic touch to the entire Sunset Lake operation. Gourmet dinners, remodeled guest rooms, and world-class service. It’s all in day’s work for Alberto.


Elizabeth Yeagley — Guest Services Coordinator

Elizabeth makes us all feel welcome. She’s the first voice you hear when you call and often the last face you see as you get ready to leave. She loves helping people to have an amazing experience at Sunset Lake. Give us a call and see!


Heather Clay – Horsemanship & Camp Store Manager

You can find Heather at the horse barn or at our camp store. She feels right at home in a pair of muck boots or in our new Sunset Lake apparel. If you’re interested in talking about horses or checking out our updated camp store, you should talk to Heather.

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Alex Garner — Maintenance Director

Alex gets things done. You’ll find him driving heavy equipment, fixing a cabin or adding one more item to his to do list— but always with a smile on his face. He is always dreaming up ways to make our facility better.

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Joe Underhill — Assistant Summer Camp Director

Joe keeps us all in line. With an eye for detail and a passion for safety, he’s the perfect person to have around during the busy summer months. A teacher by trade, he spends the school year at Auburn Adventist Academy and joins us in the summer.