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Summer Staff Help & FAQs— Updated January 9, 2019

Why Camp?

During the summer months, camp is a wonderful and exciting place to work at. Here are 7 great reasons that camp should be your go-to summer job.

  1. Leadership Development – Camp is more than just a job with a paycheck at the end of the week. Camp gives you the opportunity to grow your leadership skills and put into practice what you are learning. Sunset Lake is committed to making you a better person.

  2. It looks great on your resume – Multiple employers have told us that when they see summer camp on a resume they move that person to the top of list. And if you pour your heart into your summer experience, we’ll write you a killer reference letter!

  3. Make more money than you might think – FREE food and lodging, and college scholarships make your summer earnings go further than you might expect.

  4. Make awesome friends – Over your 8 weeks of camp you’ll become friends with people from all over the country, and some of them may be friends for life.

  5. Be someone’s hero – You may have never thought of yourself as heroic, but for someone this summer, you’re going to be their role model and that could make all the difference.

  6. Be a part of a miracle – Have you wondered if we still live in an age of miracles? A summer at camp God will use you to transform the lives of campers week after week.

  7. Do something that really matters – You could work at a mundane job or you could work at a place that is different everyday and do something that changes people for eternity. This could be the summer that your life changes forever.


Each year the camp director conducts interviews on the campuses of several university and high school campuses during the months of January and February – Walla Walla University, La Sierra University, Union College, Andrews University, Southwestern Adventist University, Pacific Union College, Auburn Academy, Puget Sound Academy, and Columbia Academy are all interview locations. For potential staff members not in these areas phone or video interviews can be arranged. To find out when the director will be in your area or to request an interview contact please Connect with us.

Application process

To be considered for a summer staff position, every applicant must complete an online application (Link here) and a personal interview by the end of February. Applications are completed by first creating an account and then opening and filling out the application. You will receive a confirmation email when you have completed the process.

Not coming to your school? A personal face-to-face interview is our first choice, but if Sunset Lake is not coming to a campus near you or has already been to your camps, then we will review your completed application and work to set up a phone or video interview with you. 

Length of Employment

Summer staff are hired for a period of 8 weeks. All staff are required to attend staff training week. Plan on arriving at the start of training and staying through the last day of camp. If there are reasons that you must arrive late or leave early, please discuss this during your interview. In some cases exceptions can be made. 

Compensation & Time Off

All of our summer staff positions are paid positions. Compensation is based on what year of school you are in and how many years of camp experience you have. College students start at $225 per week and high school students start at $195 per week. Seventh-day Adventists Schools typically offer scholarships for working at camp. Each staff member will have approximately two hours off each day and one day off per week. 


Staff are responsible for their own transportation to and from camp. Many staff carpool together from different parts of the country. If you are flying, plan on arriving at SeaTac International Airport. We will provide a shuttle service to and from the airport. Be sure to give the camp office your flight information.